Stan Matwin, Ph.D.

I have moved, with my lab, to Dalhousie University. I am a Canada Research Chair and the Director of the Institute for Big Data Analytics at Dalhousie. My current webpage is here.

I still have a number of active projects and graduate students at University of Ottawa, and I hold the title of Emeritus Distinguished University Professor. I am in Ottawa regularly and have an office in EECS.

People interested in graduate students should contact me at my new email -> mailto:%20stan [at] cs [period] dal [period] ca address.

Professor Diana Inkpen is now leading the Text Analysis and Machine Learning (TAMALE) group.

This page is not actively updated.

Media/video appearances:
CBC Radio interview on the 40th anniversary of the Internet
Video of my invited data privacy talk at EGC 2009 (in French)
Radio Canada interview on data privacy and Artificial Intelligence (in French)

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